Posted by: debrakolkka | April 27, 2010

Ponte a Serraglio in April

morning sun on Ponte a Serraglio

We have been travelling around Italy looking at beautiful places.  It is easy to forget just how lovely our little village is, especially in spring.  For the last few days I have been out walking at different times of the day – with my camera.

Rosi’s tiny flowers

camellias and wisteria on the way to Bagni Caldi

early morning looking across to Le Torre

Tina’s daffodil

Tina’s rhododendron

the tiglio trees on the way to Fornoli


on the way to Bagni Caldi

the newly green tiglio trees

The tiglio, or linden trees were bare a few weeks ago and now look at them.  They are pruned savagely every couple of years.  You would think they would never recover, but every spring they  sprout new growth and quickly form a tunnel along the road.

the tiglio tunnel

a roadside weed

more weeds

spring trees

perfect wisteria


  1. At last a less gloomy pic of Bagni di Lucca, you will have to replace the ‘wintry’ banner pic. Roz


    • Hi Roz,
      I have lots of spring photos of Ponte a Serraglio. I will try to select a really good one and work out how to change the autumn one.


  2. The Wisteria are beautiful


  3. This place looks like a dream!!!
    Lovely flowers, you are an excellent photographer Debra!
    Amazing pictures! I could almost smell them!


  4. a nice place to visit


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