Posted by: debrakolkka | January 23, 2011

Romulus and Remus take over Siena

According to medieval legend, Siena’s founder was Remus’s son Senio, who fled rome with his brother Aschio. They carried a carving of a she wolf, which became the symbol of Siena.  Romulus’s knights followed the lads until they reached the hill known as Siena Vecchia, where, after a race known as “Palio alla Lunga”  Senio and Aschio founded the city – a pretty story.

Romulus and Remus statues are all over Siena.  I spotted them everywhere.  The first I saw were  guarding  the entrance to the walls of the city, near the Hotel Minerva, where I stayed.

standing guard at the wall

on the other side

near the Duomo

above the door at Palazzo Pubblico

watching over the Campo


inside the Palazzo Pubblico

outside the Duomo

near the Campo

guarding the piazza

in Piazza Tolomei

up in the air

on the Palazzo Pubblico and the clock tower

on the floor of the Duomo

When I go back to Italy soon I will be on the lookout for Romulus and Remus in other cities.  I know they are there, and I will find them.


  1. Oh these photos are GREAT! I love them! My ten-year old daughter has just finished studying the legendary and true origins of Rome at school. (Italian kids typically study Roman history in the fifth year of Elementary School). Anyway, she just ticked Romulus and Remus off her list. I’m gonna show her these; maybe she could share some of them with her friends…even though they were shot in Siena? By the way, what a beautiful city. I’m envious of how close you are.

    • Siena is gorgeous. I have been several times, but I can’t get enough of it. I will be on the lookout for Romulus and Remus when I come to Milan soon.

  2. …about as popular as Pied Piper images in Hamelin, it seems. Siena is one of our favourite Italian towns…even nicer than Firenze, we thought, and with better parking.

    • I love Siena. I love Florence too, but I would rather stick pins in my eyes than drive there.

  3. You’ve got such an eye for details and spotting things!

  4. There are more of them there than I saw in Rome!

  5. I remember being fascinated by the story of Romulus and Remus as a kid… actually I still love it. Great pictures.

  6. I know the names Romulus and Remus, Rome was named after them, but not the story. Interesting.

  7. Hahaaaa :) Sounds like your on a mission there Deb. Its kinda cool in a weird sort of way these statues huh.

  8. Great pictures and well spotted!! I have been many times in Siena but I have actually never paid attention to Romulus and Remus. This will be in my agenda when I will visit there next time!

    • Once you become aware of them, you find them everywhere.

  9. Thanks for sharing your photos and insights about this duo.

  10. Just left Siena and saw all the statues. Went on to Pisa and there are more there!!! Have you read the novel “Roma”? It gives a very interesting slant on the Romulus and Remus story. I loved it.

    • I will look for the book, thanks for the tip. As I said, once you start noticing these, you find them everywhere. I think I have seen more in Siena than anywhere, although Rome has a few.

  11. There is one in the garden besides the leaning tower of Pisa

    • I will look out for it next time I go.

  12. […] the wolf who raised their father and uncle. They became the founders of Siena. There are a lot of statues and other depictions of the wolf and boys in […]

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