Posted by: lizlitzow | September 25, 2011

Outlet Shopping in England

Bicester Village is one of a collection of 9 outlets operated by Value Retail.

A heart warming vista ...

It is a luxury outlet shopping village and is home to some of the most famous fashion and lifestyle brands.

It is very similar in layout and style to the Barberino mall close to Florence.

An interesting fact is that it is the most profitable outlet in the world, with the average shopper spending £4000 a visit…..WOW…..I must have been a huge disappointment. There was I thinking I was the queen of retail therapy!!!

We had a fun morning one Sunday and discovered one must get there in time for opening at 10 am to firstly get a carpark and secondly avoid the fierce competition for one if you arrive late. There is also a London to Bicester coach service.

All the famous brands were there, even Ugg!!!

X marks the spot ...

All the important countries were represented ... the Italians ....

... and more Italians! ....

... and The French ....

.... The British ...

... and of course The Australians!


  1. It looks great, Liz. Thank you for the info. I have put it on my list for my next visit to the UK.


  2. Beautiful shops!


  3. Clark’s Village – – is another huge one. It’s just over the hill from me, very close to Glastonbury.

    I always suspect that they get round the rules and that some of the goods are specially produced for the outlets, but there are some real bargains to be found – at least in terms of what you’d pay elsewhere.

    People come from all over the country, very long distances some of them; that I find hard to understand, but ‘shopping’ is one of the most frequently named ‘hobbies’ in surveys.

    Marks and Spencers have a big store there and there are many famous names, but generally I think shopping by brand can be much overrated. Sometimes the style or the quality is worth it, but often it is simply a rip-off.

    Staying with a friend who lived nearby, I went to the Prada outlet at Levanella, near Montevarchi – but only once. Small key rings with a plastic tag saying ‘Prada’ were €10 when I doubt they cost more than €0.10 to produce – pure exploitation of their name. Yet you have to queue to get in!


    • Sorry to hear of your bad experience – but as I am a “follow of fashion” can spot the bargains eg my Missoni sheets at the Barbarino outlet – but for me it’s just fun – will get my daughter to take me to Glastonbury next time I am in England do you think it’s worth a visit

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  4. Most people think so (!). Coaches come down from as far away as Liverpool.


  5. Great to see this post as Bicester is one of my favorite places to shop. I gasped when I read that an average shopper spends 4k. – I have never spent a tiny fraction of that amount on a visit.


  6. Good to see the old ugg boot is sitting happily along with Prada and Jimmy Choo.


  7. Goodness, that’s a very big average spend! I always forget how much disposable income there is in the very wealthy in the UK – we really don’t have that here. Nice to see the Uggs there! 🙂


  8. I love Bicester Village, it is the best outlet near London! my favourite shop is the Mulberry shop, you can alsways find good deals there.


    • Will have to go there next time – I thought the Missoni was pretty good too

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  9. Nice, oh how I wish I was with you on this gorgeous day. Haven’t had a good shop for ages, actually I’ve never shopped at these kind of stores. Thanks for taking me with you.


    • It was very cold & showery but the retail therapy was good

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