Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 11, 2012

I wish I had been in Bagni di Lucca for the art day on the weekend. Luckily, Caroline from Villa Rosalena was there and you can see the fun on her post, which I have reblogged here.

From a Tuscan Villa

Painting the town red? Well a few did, and all other colours possible. This Sunday saw the 5th edition of the painting competition ‘Colori e Sapori’ where artists come to Ponte a Serraglio to paint our beautiful little town in Northern Tuscany. They have between 8am and 4pm when the works are handed over for public display and judging  in the Villa Fiori park. Meanwhile lunch is served in the park for both artists and spectators.

The artists can choose any spot around town. I love peering over their shoulders to see what they are seeing and how they have interpreted the scene. It’s fun to see the familiar in new ways and through new eyes.

It’s always a very hot day for this competition. Often the artists start in situ and then move into the shade of the trees in the park to continue. This chap rather cleverly chose…

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  1. Thanks Debra! You were telling me about this event coming up. Looks like a huge success for the town. Maybe next year?


    • One year I am going to have to stay the whole year to see the summer events.


  2. 🙂


  3. Thank you for re-blogging and sharing this with your readers. It’s a lovely event and a great way to see and enjoy Ponte a Serraglio.


    • I wish I could have been there….one day.


  4. A great event that, unfortunately, we missed this year…


    • Me too, it looks like fun. I’ll be there one day.


  5. I liked the water-colour painting no. 40. I did a little water-colour sketch from your balcony one sunny morning, a poor rendition compared with the other paintings. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience. My daughter wants it framed!


    • I wish I could paint. The view from my balcony is wonderful.


  6. I imagine, on account of the beautiful scenery, that painting in Bagna di Lucca must be a joy.


    • The area attracts lots of artists….it is easy to see why.


  7. What fun that must be to see the wonderful artists at work. And what a view!


    • The event is organized by a local group of artists, Borgo Artisti. They do a great job.


  8. Thanks for sharing this post, Deb. I will check it out!


    • Caroline writes an interesting blog about Bagni di Lucca…she lives there full time…lucky thing.


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