Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 9, 2017

Faces in Viareggio

I know I promised to show you the other floats at the Viareggio Carnevale, but it is taking me forever to sort and select the photos.

In the meantime, here are some of the fabulous faces and costumes of the people at the Carnevale. Some are participants in the float teams and others are part of the audience. There were far fewer in the audience than I usually see. The weather had been horrible and it was uncertain that the parade would go ahead.

The detail and time taken to dress is astounding.

Next time you will see the other floats.


  1. Love the bags strapped across the red and white harlequins.


  2. Fantastic costumes! Thanks, Debra! Your photos are great… just as usual….


  3. Amazing! Can’t wait for more photos thank you Debra.


  4. ASTONISHING! I love the lion. So much creativity, time, care…


    • The lion was engaged in a deep conversation with his friend. I waited ages for him to turn around.


  5. wow ! looks even more colourful and joyous than last time you covered this marvellous event .. The Italians sure love their carnivals , don’t they? Look for ward to seeing the Floats next.


    • You can see the Trump float in the previous post.


  6. Fabulous Deb…. such astonishing talent and ancient customs…love it !!! It gives such an amazing sense of pride and community … something we could do with in Oz!!! Jxx


  7. Love the variety and detail many showed.


  8. Such an art those face paintings, beautifully captured, Debra


  9. I can see they go all out. Some are a bit scary and others just magnificent. Must be so fun to see in person. Thank you for posting.


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