Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 29, 2017

The best pastries in Lucca?

I have heard several times that the best pastries to be had in Lucca are at Buralli…time to find out.

Buralli is outside the walls on the outward bound road towards the entrance to the Autostrada. It isn’t the most convenient place to get to and car parks are as scarce as hen’s teeth, but we were on a mission.

The style is modern.

The pastries look very good indeed.

There are savoury items too.

The verdict? My Sicilian cannoli was excellent, every bit as good as those I tried in Sicily and Jim’s cream filled cornetto was also given the thumbs up.

The coffee was good and the service friendly. We will be back.

Buralli Pasticceria…Viale Europa 797.

Closed Monday (Our first visit. We wondered why the car park was almost empty)


  1. Everything looks so yummy! And a very convenient stopover….


    • Now that we have been it will become a regular stop.


  2. Another reason to return, looks yummy.


  3. They look delicious. Must say I always loved that wicked flaky apply pastry we used to have the Bar in B D L


    • I stil have an apple sfoglia at Annalisa’s each morning when I am in Ponte.


  4. Next time!


  5. There is also a (smaller) Buralli inside the walls of Lucca at Piazza Del Carmine. I think it is the same owners. They have a beautiful selection of cakes as well as pastries.


  6. Aw, man….love the post/pictures, sorry I didn’t discover it when I was just there 😦


  7. I loved all the Pasticcerias when we lived in Milano.Louise


  8. Ohh myyy – yes, but, gluten free????


    • I imagine they are chock full of gluten…yum.


  9. Teri recommended this place to me. I agree, it’s lovely!


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