Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 16, 2018

A writer in Pietrasanta

I came to know Jacqueline Falcomer through her wonderful newsletter. She is from  South Africa, but has lived in Pietrasanta for the last 10 years. Her description of her adopted home town is far more eloquent than mine could ever be.

“The medieval town of Pietrasanta was designated in 1841 as The Noble City of Art. It is nestled at the base of the hills leading to the majestic Apuan Alps. The town boasts a square reminiscent of a Federico Fellini film set, pedestrian only streets filled with restaurants, shops and art galleies.

True to its name, a mesmerising array of marble and bronze works by famous and getting-to-be-famous artists, are visible at every turn. So it is not surprising that Pietrasanta is considered the Mecca of Sculpting to which sculptors flock, where in any one of the marble-carving studios, they hone their skills and bring a dead piece of marble to glow with life. Not only are sculptors drawn to this unique Tuscan town. Other artists; painters, potters, film directors, film and television stars and writers live here too.”




I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline just before I left Italy for Australia. We arranged to meet at Bar Michelangelo in the piazza. It was so named because Italy’s famous artist stayed on the site when he came to choose his marble. The town has been popular with artists for centuries.

Jacqueline lives just outside the town in tiny house (a converted cow barn) hugging a hillside, set in an orchard and with a sublime view of the Mediterranean. We had not met before but she was instantly recognisable with her shock of unruly curls.

Jacqueline Falcomer

Over lunch we chatted about her novels. Her first 2 books, Forget Me Not and Love Me Not are published and have received great reviews. When asked when the third book in the trilogy will be written she replied that she hopes to complete it in 2019.  Even though the final book will complete the trilogy each book is a stand-lone and they can be read in any order.

The first book is set in Mexico, USA, England, Spain, Morocco and Pietrasanta. The second is focused on the tiny hamlet where she lives. The third one, Tell Me Not was to be set in the Italian Alps and Salzburg but Jacqueline decided to bring it closer to home. The characters are different in each book.

Food plays a big part in Love Me Not, with Tuscan and regional dishes being featured. With so much delicious food on offer it makes sense to delight us with taste sensations along the way.

Jacqueline writes in the genre Magic Realism. She is a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez who she believes is the master of this genre. Everyone has a different idea of Magic Realism. Jacqueline’s is to take a common place event, add in other details turning the ordinary into a seemingly impossible or unlikely event. The trick is to do it in a manner where readers are willing to suspend belief and continue reading, caught up in the wonder and magicalness of it all.

Jacqueline says her books are not planned. Her fingers hit the keyboard the the words flow. She writes for the love of writing, making money from the process would be thrilling.

You can find Jacqueline on her website: Listen for free and or read the first chapters of Forget Me Not and Love Me Not.

Ebooks and paperbooks are available from Amazon

It was a delight to meet Jacqueline. I wish her every success and I look forward to reading the next book and finding little bits of Pietrasanta in it.


  1. Thanks, Deb. I will certainly read her books. They sound most interesting.


  2. What a great story to match an interesting town. Thank you.


    • I go regularly to Pietrasanta. It was fun to meet Jacqueline.


  3. How interesting – and what an interesting life Jacqueline is living. I’ll look out for her books.


  4. Another time for me to visit! 🙂 … Cheers to Jacqueline.


  5. Those sculptures are amazing! I love the chillies (not just because I love chilli). I had never heard of Pietrasanta before.


    • It is one of my favourite places to visit near our house in Italy.


  6. What a wonderful town. I find large sculptures very interesting so will have to put this place on my list. Jacquline’s books sound amazing too. Such an inspiring place for a writer.


    • Let me know if you are in the area and I will show you this gorgeous little town.


  7. A city of sculpture. Interesting.
    I wish good luck to Jacqueline and her books.


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