Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 12, 2020


I see lots of amusing signs in Italy. I found these two on toilet doors at a petrol station recently.

I understand the peas reference on the gents sign, but can’t figure out the potato thing…any suggestions?


  1. No idea. But have you checked the English translation of the instructions?


  2. 50 Cent doch günstig !!>>>


    • I’m sorry, I don’t understand German.


  3. Can’t imagine why it is potatoes but I shall ask my Italian friends in OZ,


    • Pam, in a comment below, has solved the problem.


  4. Yes, I’ve enjoyed reading these signs in Italy too. I even have a small collection. eg this sign seen in Treviso
    Onorate Il Pane: gloria dei campi. Festa della vita. Fragranza della terra
    Written by Mussolini, August 1929.


    • I find some of them very amusing. I also love menu translations.


  5. Patatina “little potato” is the female sex organs in anatomy. Italian slang i believe.

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    • Thank you! I thought it would something like that but I have not heard of it.


  6. Does it mean us women are overweight! !!!
    Have you been to Toffia? There is a apartmento I am interested in buying, location not far from Roma, about a hour to the north, I would be interested in your opinion if you have been there.


    • Pam, in a comment above, has explained the reference. I have not been to Toffia. With the current restrictions I won’t be visiting anywhere for a while.


  7. Ha, ha! I’ve taken quite a few photos of funny bathroom signs myself, but I haven’t ever seen the peas and potatoes on a door.


  8. I am sorry I couldnt get either sign! But I remember years ago in Italy I asked the waiter directions to the Toilet. He just kept saying “later” . I felt like replying NO I need it now!!! Obviously I was not saying the correct word!!!


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